10 Gross Ingredients You Didn’t Know Were In Your Food

If you are someone who likes to plan out the entirety of your diet and not leave anything to chance, this story is going to serve as a very rude awakening. This is especially true for those who pride themselves on having cut out every possible harmful ingredient from their daily cuisine. Unfortunately, there are still a number of dangerous ingredients lurking in our foods.

These ingredients have the sheer audacity to hide from us in plain sight, too. We all have that one friend or loved one who claims to treat their body as if it were a temple. However, some of these ingredients make their way into our diets whether we are aware of them or not. If you would like to learn more about the ten most dangerous ingredients that we are unknowingly ingesting each day, be sure to read on.


Are you someone who enjoys raspberry, strawberry or vanilla flavored beverages? If so, then you are actually consuming the anal secretions of a beaver.

Source: NatGeo


Bread based products are given the boost that they need for a longer shelf life in an unconventional way. To keep bread fresh, duck feathers and hog hair are often added by the manufacturers.

Source: Guardian


Antifreeze is not just used to make sure that our vehicles remain in perfect working condition. It is also added to dairy desserts, salad dressing and ready made cake mixes.

Source: Daily Meal


Red food coloring is made with the usage of crushed beetles. They are boiled before being mashed. The color is obtained by smashing their itty bitty corpses.

Source: HuffPost


Wood makes its way into a number of foods that we eat. Shredded cheese contains wood as a means of avoiding clumping. It can also be found in a number of the fruits and vegetables that we consume each day.

Source: Bloomberg


There are a wide range of high fat treats that contain the same preservatives that are used in diesel fuel and petrol. If you see an ingredient called tert-Butylhydroquinone? This is your cue to put it down and eat something else.

Source: Healthline


Carnauba wax is used by those who wish to provide their automobile with an unmistakable sheen. The creators of doughnut glazes and gummy bears also had the same idea.

Source: FoodNavigator


Brominated vegetable oil is used to ensure the continued protection of our furniture from fires. It is also used to make sure that our Mountain Dew (and other citrus sodas) do not experience flavor separation.

Source: Snopes


Artificial caramel coloring was being used on a regular basis. Not to worry, it has since been banned from United States soft drinks.

Source: ConsumerReports


Coal tar was often used to dye foods in the past and while it is not used as regularly these days, a number of modern food colors are still synthesized with the tar or equally harmful equivalents.

Source: HealthyChild

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