10 Things Women Do When No One Is Watching

Sally Nixon is an incredible illustrator from Little Rock, Arkansas, who created a series known as “365” and this series depicts the secret lives of women when no one is looking. These ten scenes will definitely have women laughing and men scratching their heads….

The artistic women out there are definitely going to relate to this one!

When women are imagined in the shower, it is typically as an object of lust. This illustration is just a tad more honest about their routine.

A picture is a true depiction of how most of the pretty women in the world are spending their nights.

Who doesn’t love to curl up and spend some time with a good book? We definitely envy the woman in this illustration.

What a lucky pup! He doesn’t even have to eat off the floor or the counter, as his mother serves it to him directly.

The next time you are contemplating what to wear when you go out, this picture should certainly come to mind.

If there is a more honest photo of a woman alone, we have yet to see it during our lifetime.

A girls’ night is typically not filled with pillow fights and lingerie. Pizza and wine tend to rule the day in most instances.

A Tina Fey book and a bag of cheesy puffs? That sounds like the type of night that dreams are made of!

This woman must not have any pets, because we cannot believe that this plate of food could survive for that long on the floor of a house that has cats or dogs roaming about.

Please share this story with your friends and family, so that we can develop a better appreciation for the private side of women. More info: Etsy | Instagramsallynixon.com (h/t)

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