For 10 Years Drs Couldn’t Diagnose Woman Only To Have 2 Contractors Uncover The Cause

Kathi Wilson has been forced to endure a life of misery for the past decade. Her physical condition has been in a constant state of deterioration and no one could actually figure out what was wrong with her. Even after she visited several doctors’ offices, she was still without a proper diagnosis. She was reduced to spending her days sleeping as a means of dulling the constant pain that she was feeling.

When she finally received the diagnosis that she had been searching for, it did not come from one of our best and brightest medical minds. It actually came from two unassuming men who happened to be riding in a pickup truck at the time. The diagnosis only came about because of Kathi’s decision to do something nice for herself. She elected to remodel her old bathroom in order to provide herself with a sanctuary.

The team of contractors who arrived on the scene would come to a very shocking discovery, though. When they removed her old heater to replace with a new one, they learned that the heater was actually leaking poisonous gas into the home. This is what was causing her illness to take place. The contractors immediately contacted Kathi and let her know what was happening.

All of the awful symptoms that she had been experiencing were finally starting to make sense. She had spent ten years praying for an answer and little did she know that it was under her nose the entire time. We are glad to see that this problem has been taken care of and that Kathi is getting better. No one deserves to live a life like the one she was forced to.

You simply never know what could be causing your ailments and this is a waking nightmare that Kathi thought she would never escape. This is the type of story that certainly need to be passed along to all of your friends and loved ones. Hopefully, Kathi’s story will serve as an inspiration to others who might be struggling with the same symptoms that were causing her to spend her days in bed.

The video below will offer additional information about Kathi’s illness to all interested parties. Be sure to take a closer look at the clip below so that you can learn more about Kathi’s story and pass it along to all of your closest loved ones once you’ve had the chance to see for yourself.

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