10-Yr-Old Forced To Crawl Home, Rushed To Hospital After Telling Mom What Happened To Him

If you’re a parent, then you know there are plenty of things you have to worry about every time your child steps out into the world. Every day, there are thousands of kidnappings worldwide, the U.S. is in the midst of a gun-control crisis that leaves thousands of people (many of them children) dead each year, and it just seems like nowhere is safe anymore.

But that’s just part of parenting. You have to gradually let your little one gain some independence so that they grow up into strong, self-reliant adults. One family in Austin, Texas, is well aware of that fact, and they let their kids make the half-mile walk to and from school each day. It’s sad that even such a simple thing that was totally commonplace a few short decades ago is now a reasonable threat to a child’s safety.

One afternoon, 1o-year-old Caden Walsh was making his daily walk home from school when suddenly, he felt the crushing blow of a car striking him.

“I remember hitting something hard when I jumped out of the way,” he said. “I was at the post office and a car turned that corner right there and then he hit me when I was trying to move out of the way when I saw him. Luckily, it was just my leg that got hit.”

After he was hit and a gash was created in his leg, he crawled the rest of the way home. He opened the front door and collapsed near the steps. That’s when his parents saw him covered in blood.

“He was just covered in blood,” his father explained. “He probably had a ball-peen hammer-sized chunk of his leg missing in his shin and he just screamed a blood-curdling scream.”

In Mom’s words, “He could’ve been dead on the side of the road because somebody just took off because they didn’t care enough to even go check on him. What kind of person does that?”

“Somebody out there knows something,” she continued,” and we just want that person to come forward so we can solve this and we can justice for my 10-year-old son.”

With some stitches, Caden was all fixed up, but emotionally, he’s still having a hard time coping with that awful day. “I’m really scared,” he said. “I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

It is absolutely unconscionable that someone could do this to a child and just keep driving. For now, they’re holding out hope that someone with security camera footage from that day will come forward to that they can find the person who did this.

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