11 Things Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

The eyes are one of the most crucial parts of the body. They guide us through life and keep us safe. They also serve as a way for us to monitor our own health. There are a number of symptoms that we need to pay closer attention to. Those who wear contact lenses may notice that white spots are occurring. This is often an indicator of a corneal infection.

What about twitchy eyes? This is a condition that tends to be brought about by stress. Blurry vision is something that we do not always stop to consider but it can actually be indicative of a larger problem that needs to be addressed. White rings also tend to appear around the irises of the elderly and this is something that takes place when we are at a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack.

Dry eyes are easier to diagnose because of the likelihood that we are experiencing dry eye syndrome. Meanwhile, yellow patches are often found by those who are spending far too much time out in the sun. If these patches start to show up then it is time to see an eye doctor. Eyes becoming yellow all over could mean that you are going through an even worse sort of problem.

Jaundice is more common than some realize and it can take place because of an untreated infection in the liver. On the other hand, teary eyes are not always an indicator of a serious issue. The eyes can simply become teary because we are not taking the proper amount of time away from our screens. Eyes that are bloody red are also not as serious of an ailment as they may seem.

Bloody red eyes are caused by broken blood vessels and they usually take place when we are placing too much strain on our peepers. Eye floaters are also not that uncommon. If the eye floaters start to appear on a regular basis, that means it is time to visit the doctor’s office immediately. Puffy and red eyes? All that means is that it is time for you to get some much needed sleep and stop burning the candle at both ends.

Be sure to pass along this helpful guide to all of your friends and loved ones so that they can stay on top of their optical care. They say that the eyes are able to function as the window into the soul. Now, we can use them as a window into our health!

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