12 Body Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

The human body is more complex than we could ever realize. It often seems as if we will never stop learning about the intricacies of our own bodies…even when we are all grown up. That’s why we are here to make life easier for all of our readers. Let’s take a closer look at the following body hacks that are designed to change our lives once and for all.

1.To stifle a sneeze, all you need to do is give yourself a finger mustache of sorts by pressing down on the skin that is located above the upper lip.

2.Going through a brain freeze after enjoying a frozen treat? All you need to do is take your tongue and press into the roof of the mouth to make it go away even faster.

3. To successfully touch your toes, it is as easy as taking the time to read an entire paragraph backwards first. We swear!

4. In order to clear out those pesky sinuses during a bout of illness, alternate the aforementioned brain freeze trick by pressing your finger in between the eyebrows.

5. Our ear flap is actually called a tragus and serves a very important function. Pressing down on it allows us to cancel out peripheral noises and hear the person that we are speaking to more clearly.

6. To avoid that all too common bedtime heartburn after enjoying a sizable meal, lie down on your left side. You should also probably stop eating so close to bedtime.

7. Does a persistent nosebleed have you frantic? Lean the head forward slightly. From there, pinch the area just above the nostrils for a few moments.

8. To cure anxiety or stress that will not subside, we must place our thumbs into our mouths. Don’t suck, though. Blow out air and let the cheeks puff out too.

9. Swish some cold water around in your mouth if you should so happen to burn yourself on a hot meal. This keeps the inside of the mouth become too inflamed in the immediate aftermath.

10. No one likes to deal with hiccups. To get rid of them, start off by inhaling deeply. Hold the inhale and then swallow twice. Exhale through the nose and the hiccups should be all done.

11. Elevating the knees and feet during a bowel movement can work wonders.

12. Chewing gum is a great way to remove a song from the part of our brain that won’t stop playing it.

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