12 Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Ovarian cancer is one of the primary causes for premature death in women. Listening to the body is one of the best ways for women to avoid such concerns. Knowing all of the symptoms is the best ways to make sure that you are keeping yourself safe. It all starts with a refusal to ignore certain aches and pains. Pelvic pain, abdominal pain and back pain are all signs that ovarian cancer may be taking place.

Meanwhile, there are also problems that are related to sexual intercourse. If the sex has become painful, this is not something that should be ignored. It can be chalked up to a lack of lubrication, though. Vaginal bleeding, on the other hand? This is something that can ever be explained away. Any older woman who no longer experiences a period should visit a medical professional right away if vaginal bleeding takes place.

Changes take place in the abdomen area when a woman is experiencing the onset of ovarian cancer. The abdomen will typically increase in size and this is a side effect of the fluid accumulation that occurs when ovarian cancer is present in the body. Bloating that happens once a woman’s period has already ended for the month should also be monitored very closely.

Problems with processing food? These can be indicative of ovarian cancer. Eating disorders, weight loss and changes to our bowel movements can all be linked to the onset of ovarian cancer. If you lose over 5 percent of your body weight within a short period of time, this is a major warning sign that cannot be ignored under any circumstances whatsoever.

Menstrual irregularities are another way for the body to communicate with us when something is wrong. If periods are taking place in a manner that is too late or too hasty, it is time to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Nausea is the final symptom that you need to look out for and this is a symptom that is commonly experienced for all forms of cancer.

While many of these symptoms are not problems that are experienced by those who suffer from ovarian cancer specifically, this is not something that should stop you from heading to the doctor as soon as possible when they begin to take place. We must take the time to listen to what our bodies have to tell us before it becomes too late. Please take a moment to share this article in order to increase awareness about these matters.

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