12 Easy Exercises To Give You Awesome Legs And A Better Butt

There are a number of reasons why a person would choose to work out at home. Not only does the practice provide us with a much needed energy boost but we are also able to enhance our self esteem in the process. The following 12 exercises can be done in our own home and they are all exceedingly simple. Improving the health of our lower region has never been easier.


Squats may be a basic exercise. However, simple exercises are often the ones that will work the best so be sure to bear that in mind.


To enhance the effects that we can enjoy by doing squats, take a moment to add a kickback. This addition will work out the buttocks.


Sumo squats offer us the chance to provide additional strength to the lower region. The buttocks and thighs receive the biggest workout.


Want to add a little bit of cardio to the proceedings? Add some arm reaches to the sumo squats and enhance the exercises.


Those who are looking for the best way to properly train their body’s abdominal oblique muscles should utilize this exercise. This particular exercise is great for trimming down the waistline.


Jumping squats are a wonderful addition to the workout regimen since they offer us the chance to tone up the upper body as well. Looking to enhance your entire body? This is the exercise routine for you.


Pistol squats are a great way to tone up the lower body. We will need to warm up first, though. Narrow squats can be done and our feet must be placed close together.


As for the pistol squats themselves, we must properly support ourselves when we first start. If we do not, we place ourselves at much higher risk of experiencing injury.


In order to work multiple muscle groups at the same time, curtsy squats are in our best interests. They allow us to streamline our workouts and tone up our entire bodies in the process.


The calf muscles and the buttocks benefit greatly from the usage of split squat exercises.


To work out our buttocks even more, we can also add side step squats to the proceedings.


Last but certainly not least….we present the pop squat. This is the exercise that allows to put a cherry on top of the proceedings and obtain the body that we have always wanted.

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