12-Year-Old Girl Belts Out Flawless Rendition Of Pink’s “Perfect’ Leaving Audience In Awe

Victoria Anthony wants nothing more out of life than to sing. Her every waking moment is dedicated to music and all she does is spend her days daydreaming about what it would be like to become a huge star. Once she heard that Pink was on her way to town, she knew that she was going to have to sing with one of her idols. What Victoria did not know was that Pink was already well aware of her presence.

She was more than happy to share her spotlight with the talented little girl. What Pink did not know was that Victoria was ready for the occasion and was about to blow the crowd away with an emotionally charged cover song. Luckily for us, the moment has been captured on camera so that we all have the chance to see it for ourselves. The most incredible part is that Victoria sounds eerily like Pink.

In Victoria’s mind, her social media persistence is what allowed her to perform with Pink. She spent the weeks leading up to the show creating hashtags to catch Pink’s attention and begged for the opportunity. It did not take long before she got her chance. Pink stopped the show during the early stages and asked Victoria if she was the girl that she had been seeing on the news.

This was the moment that Victoria had been waiting for and she seized it immediately. She was not the least bit afraid of the spotlight and took to the stage like a pro. Pink sat back and watched with awe as the young woman hit every single note. Once the song was over, Pink gave Victoria a big hug and said that she did not even want to sing anymore.

What a selfless moment. Pink’s willingness to share her spotlight could be the springboard that Victoria needs in order to make all of her dreams come true. This is certainly not the type of moment that Victoria or Pink are ever going to forget. All it takes is one look at Pink’s facial expressions during the performance for viewers to realize just how special this collaboration.

If we were the type of people to place bets on these types of matters, we would guess that Victoria is destined for a long and prosperous career in show business. Would you like to see this incredible performance for yourself? Check out the video below.

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