14 Flowers That Look Like Something Else Entirely

There are millions of animal species and tens of thousands of different plant species out there, all of which have unique characteristics, including their appearances and behaviors. That said, Mother Nature doesn’t always start off with a fresh canvas. Just take a peek at these 14 flowers that look like something else — they’re all the proof you need.

1. The Habenaria radiata is commonly known as the white egret flower. Can you guess why?

Rachel Scott-Renouf

2. Orchid or ballet dancer? We’ll let you decide.

Tere Montero

3. The Calceolaria Uniflora may very well have come from outer space.

Wikimedia Commons

4. The Caleana Major is also often referred to as the flying duck orchid.

Michael Prideaux

5. Hiding inside the Peristeria Elata is what looks like an adorable speckled dove.


6. The angelic Habenaria Grandifloriformis orchids look like they came straight out of Heaven.

Garden of Eaden

7. The Antirrhinum is morbidly beautiful for its skull-like blossoms, but a little creepy nonetheless.


8. The Impatiens Psittacina are also known as parrot flowers. Aren’t they cute?


9. The Ophyrs bomybliflora is also known as the bumblebee orchid.


10. The Psychotria Elata has one of the poutiest puckers I’ve ever seen.

For Gardening

11. The Orchis Italica, or the “Naked Man orchid,” might make you blush if you gaze at it for too long.


12. The moth orchid looks like a phoenix made out of flower instead of fire.


13. These precious flowers look like little babies all cozy in their bassinets.


14. The Dracula Simia may be named after a famous vampire, but it looks more like a monkey than anything.

Jason Melnick

Nature sure is cool, isn’t it? Which of these species of flower is your favorite? I have to go with the Antirrhinum — I’ve always been a sucker for the morbid.

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