15 Unusual Japanese Beauty Trends You Won’t Believe Are Real

Where do you look when you want to learn something about beauty of fashion? Most of us have something in mind but if it doesn’t include the Japanese, you are really missing out on something amazing. In fact, they have taken the lead in some of the most unusual beauty trends you will see in any part of the world.

When it comes to grooming, the women in Japan are very serious. They have a reputation for always looking their best and it takes effort to get there. More than likely, they have already tried many of the things that are still being tested in the western world and, more than likely, have gone above and beyond. That isn’t even to mention the technological aspect of what they bring to the table.

Are you up for trying something different? If so, we have a special treat for you. This collection of Japanese beauty trends is going to change the way you look at this part of the world. They might even inspire you to step outside of the lines and try something unique.

1. Tsuke Yaeba Teeth

This trend got a foothold in Japan a few years ago. It puts multiple layers of teeth in your mouth and some ‘fangs’ to compliment them. This isn’t a temporary gig. Dentists were performing this cosmetic procedure on a regular basis.

2. Hangover Look

How much effort will you take to hide the fact you were on a binge the night before? In Japan, there was a trend of creating that hung over look on purpose. They made their face and eyes puffy and even wore messed up hair.

3. Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

These ears pick up on your electrical brain wave impulses and react according to how you are feeling. They include interested, bored and happy. Lots of fun but you were always wearing your innermost thoughts for everyone to see.

4. Snail Slime Facials

We all enjoy getting a good facial but would you go this far? You could either slather yourself in slime or just have them crawl around on your face. It was said to have some amazing benefits for the skin but I’m not sold on it.

5. Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt

Do you want to tighten your skin and appear youthful again? This might just be the ticket. It was quite popular for tightening the skin around the cheeks and jawline.

6. The Face Slimmer

There are good anti-aging products and bad anti-aging products. Guess where this one falls. It was marketed to women to help them have that slim, chiseled look that they feel is desirable. The problem is, it doesn’t work all that well and you look pretty goofy when using it.

7. Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

There is no denying that Hello Kitty is popular in Japan. That is why it isn’t a surprise that these would be popular as well. If you want these decorative lenses in the United States, you will need to see a doctor.

8. Happy Smile Trainer

Are you happy with your smile? If you want it to look a little larger, you can try this product. It promises to help sculpt the perfect smile and it may be good for your teeth and gums as well. The jury is still out on this one.

9. Bird Droppings Facials

If the snail facial wasn’t enough, you now have the opportunity to smear some bird poop on your skin. Not only is this a little quirky, it is also very expensive.

10. Hana Tsun Nose Straightener

Here is something for the woman who has everything, except a straight nose. It is designed to contour the nose and force it into submission. This trend is quite popular in Japan but in America? Not so much.

11. Fullips Lip Enhancer

Big lips are the big thing right now and in Japan, they will go the extra mile to achieve it. You can choose the size to fit your needs (and your lips).

12. Eyelid Trainer

This is a fairly new product and quite popular in Japan. It can provide some benefit without having to go through cosmetic surgery.

13. Beauty Voice Trainer

Imagine raising the pitch of your voice in only 5 minutes a day. This product might help to do so by opening the voice passage.

14. Eye Widening Surgery

This became popular back in 2011 and it is still popular today. Looks like this girl had more than her eyelids done

15. The F Cup Cookie

A cookie that increases breast size to an F-cup? In America, we call a cookie with a similar effect an Oreo.

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