15 Weird Jobs That Pay An Insane Amount Of Money

Not everyone is cut out for a grinding 9 to 5 job. But we all need to make a little money! On the next page you’ll find 25 weird jobs that pay a CRAZY amount of mula! From a professional cuddler to a bomb disposal driver, these jobs are as crazy as they sound…


1. Bomb disposal divers spend a lot of time training and earn up to $100K depending on your rank in the armed forces.


2. Are you an amazing listener that loves everything about weddings? Pocket $300 to $2,000 per wedding as a professional bridesmaid.


3. Fortune cookie writers make anywhere between $28,00 to $75,000.


4. Love Bingo? Heck, why not become a Bingo Manager for $56,000?


5. Professional furniture testers earn $31,000 a year.


6. Make $40K easily as a sex toy tester.


7. Would you be a pet food tester for a salary of $40,000?


8. Golf ball divers can make up to $100K. These folks have to be daring. Golf courses look harmless but are full of chemical-laced waters, poisonous snakes, and snapping turtles!


9. Hot dog vendors take in anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 a year.


10. Water slide tester make $30K!


11. If you can stomach it, you can make $50K as a crime scene cleaner.


12. IMAX screen cleaners reportedly make $45,000.


13. Make $56K a year as an ice cream taster/food scientist.


14. Earn up to $60 an hour as a professional snuggler.


15. According to one job site, a paper towel sniffer “smells paper towels to make sure that they are not too smelly in any fashion.” Although an average salary is difficult to determine, another site reported a range of $19,000.00 to $52,000.00.

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