16-Year-Old Died In Car Accident. A Year After His Death, Mom Gets A Letter In The Mail

Anna Hutt was forced to endure the worst nightmare of any parent, as she had to bury her 16 year old son when he was struck and killed by a wayward van. Payton was riding the dirt bike that he had recently received when the tragic occurrence took place and as you might have imagined, going on without her son has been tough for Anna.

He did not wear a helmet and the injuries he sustained were so severe, he passed away not long after the accident took place. While his mother initially objected to his desire to become an organ donor, he has managed to save the life of seven different individuals who were in need of help.

His heart was given to a grandfather named Gary and thanks to the work of the surgeons, Anna was given the chance to listen to her son’s heartbeat once again. He was diagnosed with a severe heart condition back in 2014 and the doctors only gave him a few months to live.

Gary did not think that they would ever be able to find a suitable heart for him and as a result, he decided to make his peace with the fact that he was going to die. Once Gary received his new heart, in addition to a whole new lease on life, he wrote a letter to the mother of the boy who made it all possible.

Gary was then able to meet with Anna and discuss Payton in further detail. The more Gary heard about the amazing young man, the more he became convinced that he had received the perfect heart for his needs. Payton and Gary shared a love for cars, music and motorcycles and if you would like to see this powerful moment for yourself, be sure to check out this incredible video.

Please pass this touching story along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible, so that awareness can be spread about the importance of becoming an organ donor. The gift of life is the most special gift that anyone can ever give.

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