17 Moms That Shared Brutally Honest Pictures Of Their Postpartum Bodies

The female body is an astonishing work of art. A woman is resilient in ways that we simply cannot begin to fathom. However, there are still aspects of the postpartum experience that we do not always consider. Let’s take a closer look at these nakedly honest photos.


This mother is struggling with the birth of their child from an emotional aspect and this is a totally understandable moment for any parent.


The bumps that take place during a pregnancy do not go away because a woman wills them to. The process can take much longer than expected.


Some women are brave enough to post photos like these as a means of motivation for others in their same predicament. Kudos to this mom!


The challenge of breastfeeding is not always an easy one for mothers to conquer but this mom’s smile says it all.


Women need to know that the highs can be very high and that the lows are just as low.


While this woman’s body has softened up a little bit, she remains a testament to the indomitable will that all mothers possess.


Some women go through pregnancy issues that may not seem that difficult. Getting this thin presents its own set of problems, though.


The fact that a woman’s body may never be the same again is a small price to pay for moments like this one.


This is the sort of picture that reminds us just how incredible the circle of life can be.


Let’s stop calling them stretch marks and start calling them what they really are……lightning bolts!


Some women are able to view the process from a place of complete and total amazement.


This is one family that realizes that there’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humor about the whole situation. This picture is just priceless!


Women need to know that it is perfectly okay to be overwhelmed by the pregnancy process. No one can maintain composure all of the time.


A postpartum body still deserves to be decorated in all sorts of ways. This woman’s art is a prime example.


The importance of remaining hydrated after childbirth is something that we simply cannot stress enough, people.


Not to worry, ladies. Your partner is still going to find you to be as beautiful as ever.


The message on this woman’s t-shirt is a very important one for all mothers to remember.

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