17 Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

While one of these signs may not necessarily indicate cheating, the presence of several of them could be an indication of infidelity. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following signs, so that you can remain fully cognizant of what is going on in your relationship.


A man who regularly hides his phone from you is a man who is scared you will go through his most recent text messages.


When he’s going out of his way not to claim you on social media, this is a sure sign that he’s already moved on.


A sudden shift in sex drive can usually be attributed to a mistress, both for better and for worse.


If he’s accusing you of being the cheater, this is his own guilty conscience speaking.


Drastic changes to his personal appearance are usually done to make his mistress happy, not you.


When the fancy new clothes aren’t worn to impress you, they are usually being worn to impress the other woman.


Is he always working overtime now? Are the hours that he’s working much different from his normal schedule? These are classic signs of cheating.


He may start to bail on you regularly to hang out with old friends that you have never heard him reference before.


A man who is rarely romantic and suddenly develops a flair for the dramatic is often a cheater in disguise.


Does he get super angry at questions that are fairly easy to justify? This is another major red flag that cannot be ignored.


When you’re nice to him, does he behave in a guilty manner and say that he’s not good enough for you? Don’t ignore this all too obvious sign.


Some men might even be brazen enough to bring up the new woman. If he’s always finding excuses to text her, he’s already becoming obsessed.


If you’re deleted from his social media and no longer able to check out his pages, this means that you’re slowly being phased out.


Charges on his credit card bill that cannot be explained away are often attributable to an affair.


Picking fights over a series of minor concerns is another sign that cannot be ignored.


Lipsticks and brassieres that always seem to belong to “just friends” keep getting left in his apartment.


Last but not least: our gut feelings should never, ever be ignored in these types of situations.

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