18 Brutally Honest Disney Movie Posters That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Let’s face it….we all grew up on Disney movies. But haven’t you wondered what it would be like if the posters were actually honest?

Poor Quasimodo….always on the outside looking in.

This title is definitely preferable to all of the feminists who’ve taken issue with Disney heroines in the past.

As for Pocahontas, this is a title that is impossible to argue with!

Sleeping Beauty definitely had a birthday to forget and this title helps to remind us.

These hating witches need to be called out and we are glad someone finally did the Lord’s work.

Lion King has often been called a Hamlet remake and this poster only confirms it.

Seasoned viewers of The Princess and the Frog will certainly get a good chuckle out of this one.

This sanitized version of Arthur is finally being called by the proper title.

Up’s one of the saddest movies we’ve ever seen and this poster only serves to confirm that.

What a sound piece of advice. We wish that someone had thought of this one earlier!

Aladdin’s life of thievery got him exactly what he wanted and this is a great lesson to pass onto viewers.

The animators had to be taking psychedelics when the plot for this movie was devised and we’re happy someone’s acknowledging it.

This title is the ultimate “spoiler alert!” moment.

If you ever wondered why Belle refused to rebel against her situation, you are certainly not alone.

What a neat little play on words and a helpful reminder to all of the little girls out there who think they’re in need of a prince to call their own.

We can’t think of a better way to describe the plot of Cars…

Those who find the story of Cinderella to be a little too pay are bound to enjoy this take on the proceedings.

This one seems just about right to us.

It’s definitely hard to see Disney films in the same way as before and you’ll want to pass this one along as soon as possible!

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