18 Pictures That Prove Photography Is Just One Big Lie

As we move through life, we accumulate memories. We also tend to gather plenty of pictures along the way as well. It is a record of the things we have done and seen in life and as we look back over those pictures, we tend to relive those experiences in our mind.

Pictures are also very convenient to share and we tend to share them with friends and family online. When we do so, we rarely ever doubt the fact that what we are seeing is real but what if you see an awesome picture from someone you don’t know. More than likely, you might have some doubts as to its accuracy, and for good reason. With programs like Photoshop, it is possible to manipulate those pictures and make them appear completely different than what we might see at first.

If you ever wondered about the accuracy of any pictures you see online, I’m about to share something disturbing with you. The following 18 pictures have shocked the internet in a great way but when it was learned that they were fake, it shocked the internet again, but this time in a bad way. Take a look down through these pictures and you will see that not everything is as it appears.

1. A historical scene? I think not.

2. Clever but deceptive

3. Underwater pictures are not always as they seem

4. Its all about perception

5. They even get kids involved in the deception.

6. Would you have believed this one?

7. You only need a little water

8. At least this one isn’t completely fake

9. This one really looked real. Great job but fake…

10. Do you know how this is made? It isn’t a real storm.

11. Water can be deceptive

12. It looks real, doesn’t it?

13. The lense really makes a difference

14. This took some time and effort but it is still fake

15. White northern lights? Nope!

16. Yeah, we didn’t buy this one either

17. Did you realize those cereal commercials didn’t use milk?

18. A lake from broken glass? Nice try.

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