19 Awesome Ideas for Unique, Hidden Tattoos

Tattoos have risen in popularity significantly over the past few years. What used to be considered as a symbol of the counterculture has since gone mainstream. Everyone and their mother has a tattoo now. That makes them a little less special than they used to be. With that being said, there are still some body art enthusiasts who like to keep things hidden.

Check out the following awesome pieces for yourself. These 19 people have got some great ideas.


These double crosses are seen often. They are a Greek symbol which loosely translates to “if there’s a will then there is a way.”


This nautical ink is perfect for all of the surfers out there who want to discreetly display their love for the water.


Nature lovers everywhere are sure to love this tattoo idea.


A shoulder tattoo is another great way to express our love for nature.


The perfect symbol for all of the big kids that refuse to grow up.


Parisian monuments can even be used in these instances.


These are the best tattoos for those who are looking for a reminder to keep their head to the skies.


If you love astronomy and wish to keep it under wraps, this is the tattoo for you.


We are not going to lie to you. Any tattoo that can be physically manipulated like this is a winner.


People with these tattoos tend to be very free and adventurous by nature.


We all know at least one hipster who has decided to procure this tattoo.


Animal lovers are going to be rushing to tattoo parlors everywhere in search of this one.


A skull ON the skull? That’s a bit on the nose, eh?


Those who like to wear a low cut top from time to time will definitely want to consider this daring tattoo.


Pizza addicts everywhere unite. We have got the perfect tattoo for you.


This one is more intricate than most of the other entries on the list but don’t let that stop you.


For those who are hardly ever home and still want to represent where they are from.


Mothers who don’t like tattoos will be hard pressed not to laugh at this one.


This isn’t someone trying to let you know that they went to college. It is actually a suicide awareness symbol.

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