20 Hilarious Kids’ Drawings That Won’t Be Hanging On The Fridge Anytime Soon

Most parents treasure any drawing that their children provide for them. Some of these drawings can venture into dangerous territory, though. For some kids, the opportunity to create a naughty drawing is just too great to ignore. Others create odd drawings without necessarily trying to.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more zany compositions that little ones have created. These 20 hilarious illustrations will have you laughing and gasping in equal measure.


The babysitter who received this drawing had better start sleeping with both of their eyes open.


This poor child clearly did not see the filthy implications of this photo until it was too late. God bless their innocent little heart.


The Kardashians are everywhere these days. This is one child who has decided that they have had enough of that.


The drawing is absolutely great and so is the reply that the teacher was forced to give as a result.


We’re not sure what Dad did to earn this drawing but it must have been something severe.


Drawings like these probably don’t belong on a fridge in most instances.


Maybe this child has a crush on their teacher and that is the reason for this drawing?


The imagination on this kid is something else but their parents are going to need to have a serious talk about this one.


It looks to us like this monkey and lion are starting to become more than just friends.


When it comes to the drawings of children, it is probably best that we take the majority of them at face value and try not to overthink them.


Star Wars fans are bound to get quite a kick out of this one. The “NOT YOU!” caption had us roaring with laughter.


We will not be surprised to see the child who crafted this drawing on reality television at some point in her life.


Children have a way of presenting the most profound observations in a random manner and this mother probably needed to laugh to keep from crying.


Are the imaginary friends that our kids talk about actually real? Drawings such as this one make us wonder if the truth is being kept from us.


Good thing this child labeled the drawing or else we would have had a number of questions to ask.


This little boy was only trying to draw his own set of turntables and that is all!


The parents who received this drawing are probably wondering what they ever did to deserve it.


New siblings can be a great addition to any household….at least until the other children try to give them away.


What an amazing child. They already know how to spell at a level that no one could have expected.


Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time.

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