20 Hilarious Vet Signs That Will Have You Howling With Laughter

There are a wide range of people who keep pets in their homes as a means of providing themselves with joy and happiness. Veterinarians are able to experience this joy on a daily basis because of their constant access to animals. Who knew that having pets at work would lead to this level of enjoyment? Let’s take a closer look at these 20 veterinarians and the fun that they are having.


The benefits package at this place of employment is definitely a highly underrated one.


The answer to this one is too easy. We’ll leave it to the rest of you to figure out.


If that is the case….then we guess that we must have been dogs during a past life as well.


This is the type of logic that may not seem correct yet we still have a tough time trying to argue with it.


A motto like this one is one that we could all stand to live by.


This sign is a form of discrimination and we are not going to sit idly by and allow this kind of thing to take place any longer!


If only our schoolteachers had been as compassionate as the people at this animal hospital.


The Energizer bunny must be tough for law enforcement to catch. After all, he has been known to keep on going and going and going and going.


These are the tough conversations that we need to be having with our pets.


The five second rule has certainly gone out of fashion and all of the two second dogs are to blame.


2Pac is proudly smiling down on this sign from Heaven and we are not going to be told otherwise by anyone.


Great song. Even better advice.


It all makes so much sense to us now. We cannot believe that this obvious answer eluded us for so long.


Las Vegas was always mysteriously devoid of cats and now we know exactly why that is.


All of the raindrop dodgers who have already purchased an umbrella are bound to cackle at this hilarious sign.


We are always going to be a sucker for a well constructed pun.


Keep your children close!


With any luck, they are referring to an ice cream cone. We shudder at the alternative.


Not surprising in any way.


Evergreen advice.

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