20 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Kool-Aid

To most of us, Kool-Aid is just a sugary children’s beverage. The powdered drink is widely considered to be an American classic. But what you did not know is that there are various other usages for the beverage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Kool-Aid related hacks that can be used in your home.


Did you know that Kool-Aid can actually be used as a stand in for dishwasher detergent? It can also be used to disinfect the dishwasher.


Fried Kool-Aid?! Now we’ve truly seen it all.


Kool-Aid can even be used to create a fruit flavored lip balm with lots of luster, thanks to helpful guides


Out of cupcake frosting? Kool-Aid recipes to the rescue!


There are various online tutorials that will allow you to use Kool-Aid as a hair dye.


Thanks to this video, you no longer have to head to the gas station when it is time for a Slushie.


There is even a how to that lets you use Kool-Aid as a means of fixing toilet leaks.


Check out this awesome how to for creating colorful pasta.


Creating tie dye T-shirts has never been easier, thanks to the help of some Kool-Aid.


Egg dye kits can be a pain in the butt. Little did you know that you already have a dye kit just waiting in the pantry.


Finger painting can be dangerous when the paint is toxic, so why not give your children the chance to enjoy edible finger paints?


This sherbet recipe will have your stomach growling before you even finish reading it.


Kool-Aid cookies are one of the best ways to keep your inner sweet tooth happy.


Homemade bubblegum recipes are a wonderful method for utilizing those powdered drink packets that are just sitting in your pantry.


Koolickles are considered to be a southern delicacy. Now you will have the chance to make them for yourself.


Decorative stationery adds a nice touch to your home office. Check out the helpful how to.


Winter is just around the corner and thanks to Kool-Aid, you can now paint the snow!


The awesome power of customized yarn colors has now been unlocked.


Slime that your children can actually eat? Be sure to check out the useful tutorial.


You no longer have to head to specialty shops for flavored popcorn. You can now make your own in the privacy of your own home.


Kool-Aid bath salts allow you to provide your little ones with the rainbow shades that they love most.


As for the adults, this drink mixing recipe gives them the chance to enjoy their Kool-Aid with a twist of liquor.


There are a number of no bake Kool-Aid pie recipes just waiting for you!

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