20 Surprising Foods With More Carbs Than A Bowl Of Pasta

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the healthiness of pasta? Most people consider it to be a ‘bad food’ but perhaps you just haven’t given it the chance it deserves. If you think that pasta is void of any nutrients and the enemy of weight loss, you are probably thinking about white, highly refined pasta. When you eat whole-grain pasta, on the other hand, it packs a lot of fiber, nutrients and other goodies that can actually help you to lose weight. In addition, whole-grain pasta may not have as many bad carbs as white pasta.

You also need to compare pasta to other types of foods that are also high in carbohydrates. Some of them are likely on your ‘healthy radar’ but that is about to change. The foods that are listed below have more carbohydrates than pasta but we often include them in our diet because we think it is a healthy choice.

1. Mangos – 50 g per fruit

Trying to eat a low-carb diet? You better skip the mangos! If you are looking for a healthy diet, on the other hand, you can get a lot of vitamin C from eating just one of these fruits. If you put them in a smoothie, you can balance things out with a scoop of protein powder or some raw oats.

2. Sandwich wraps – 36 g

Choosing a wrap because it is potentially a healthier choice than bread may not be the best choice at all. Try some Ezekiel bread because it has a similar number of carbs as a wrap. Wraps tend to have more calories and fat because they are added at the manufacturer to stay flexible.

3. Soda – 39 g per 12 ounce

Soda is a bad food choice but what might surprise you is that it packs a carb wallop. Avoid soda and drink some detox water instead.

4. French Fries – 63 g per serving

Potatoes have a lot of starch and a serving of fries has more carbs than a bowl of pasta. In fact, it has twice as much! That isn’t even to mention that fries are often made in the worst oil ever.

5. Raisins – 34 g per small box

These little snack choices are better avoided. Eat some grapes instead.

6. Bagels – 55 g per medium bagel

Not only are they packed with carbs and calories, they have very little fiber. They will pick you up and drop you down again, leaving you craving more carbs all day long.

7. Muffins – 74 g

Do you avoid bread because of carbs? A muffin has as many carbs as several slices of bread. They are also full of fat and calories. Yikes.

8. Banana – 35 carbs

This may be a high-carb choice but it is also a healthy choice. They have lots of fiber and are a great source of potassium and magnesium.

9. Pie – 43 g per slice

Most of us know that we should avoid pie but now we know why. The sugar packed slice is going to add a lot of carbs to your daily intake.

10. Cranberry Sauce – 58g per serving

Do you avoid the mashed potatoes? Don’t let them put this on your plate either. It has lots of carbs, calories and sugar.

11. Smoothies – Up to 55 g per 15 oz bottle

Weight loss smoothies are all the rage but you need to keep things in context. A healthy smoothie is one thing but if they are adding lots of dairy and sugar then avoid it.

12. Dates – 74g per 4 dates

You can use these as a natural sweetener but don’t expect them to be low carb. Just limit how many you are eating and enjoy this healthy snack.

13. Quinoa – 39 g per cup

Yes, they have more carbs than pasta but they are so worth eating. In fact, they are considered a perfect food by many experts. Just make sure you avoid eating too many.

14. Sweet Potato – 40g per cup

These are delicious and healthy but they are not carb-free. Eat them after a workout and they will keep you full for a long time.

15. Pizza – 36g per slice

Everyone loves pizza but you need to avoid it if you are trying to lose weight.

16 and 17. Apples/Applesauce – 40g per serving

Apples are a great way to fill up but they do have plenty of carbs. Applesauce is the same but it has a lot of sugar added in many cases.

18. Energy Bars – 45g each

Energy bars give you energy, which comes from carbs. Just make sure you choose a healthy bar and don’t overdo it.

19. Adzuki Beans – 43g per 3/4 cup

Beans are a great way to add protein to your diet, but this bean has plenty of carbs. They also have a lot of fiber and protein.

20. Low-Fat Candy – Up to 50g per serving

Don’t think that low fat is always a healthier option. In most cases, low fat means high sugar. They do this to add flavor, which they remove when they take out the fat.

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