20 Years After Princess Diana’s Death, Secret Tapes Surfaces With Shocking Confession

This year serves as the 20th anniversary of the untimely passing of the beloved Princess Diana and as you may have imagined, the media is currently gearing up to honor her memory in the best way that they know how. A picture book has been scheduled for release and so have two separate documentaries that will be shown on HBO and ABC, respectively.

However, an upcoming expose promises to blow all of these other remembrances out of the water. Diana: The People’s Princess is written by Andrew Morton and serves as a spiritual sequel to Diana: Her True Story, a book that clued audiences everywhere into the trouble that Prince Charles and Diana were having in their marriage.

Not only did we learn of Diana’s eating disorder, but we also learned about Charles’ long term extramarital affairs. The outcry towards the book was almost immediate and Morton faced serious backlash as a result of his salacious allegations about the princess’ personal affairs.

Once it came out that his source was none other than the princess herself, the court of public opinion altered its judgement. The princess became even more relatable to readers as they were given a painful glimpse into her struggles with Charles and his brazen infidelity.

Then she said the words that will send chills up and down the spines of readers everywhere…..”I can’t marry him.” Thanks to the pressures of her position, Diana was forced to go through with the wedding anyway and thanks to Charles’ untimely heckling of her waistline, she developed an eating disorder as well.

The book will made available at the end of the month and readers everywhere are waiting with baited breath to hear more about the life of their beloved princess. We cannot wait to find out more about the life and times of Diana and it is safe to say that our interest has definitely been piqued.

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