25 Bizarre Animals You Didn’t Know Exist

In a world where there are nearly 9 million species of animal for us to gawk at, it is only natural for a few of them to get lost in the shuffle. We know all about the main species that get all of the limelight. But what about the unsung heroes of the animal kingdom? Let’s take a closer look at 25 of the most commonly neglected animal species out there.


The narwhal has added notoriety since their appearance in the movie Elf. To those who have never seen the movie, their existence is something that they are blissfully unaware of.


The gerenuk always receives a great deal of notice because they hav an incredibly long neck. They are a member of the gazelle family and they are also quite skittish.


A giant isopod looks much like an alien but this bottom feeder is usually located at the floor of the ocean.


Pacu fish are an invasive species and they also have human teeth. They can be found in various American locations.


Panda ants are not pandas or ants. They are actually wasps and their sting is incredibly painful.


Mantis shrimp are very colorful and they also have the ability to literally watch their own back.


Umbonia Spinosa often go unnoticed because they resemble a leaf. They are commonly found on Florida trees.


Red lipped batfish are not wearing lipstick. These stingrays crawl around on the ocean floor looking for prey.


Glaucus atlanticus is a hermaphrodite and these blue sea slugs can camouflage themselves from predators.


Bombyz mori is known as a silkworm but they are actually a member of the moth family.


Lowland streaked tenec resemble the porcupine and will not be seen unless you are on the east side of Madagascar.


Saiga antelope are residents of the Mongolia plains and their population is currently endangered.


Bush vipers have a vicious bite and are located in Tanzania and Kenya.


Goblin sharks infest the Japanese waters. With a jaw that can extend outward to devour prey, they are better off avoided.


Indian purple frogs do not even look like the average frog. It has evolved in a manner that allows them to spend their days underground.

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