25 Bizarre Dog Facts You Didn’t Know About Before

This list is full of facts about dogs that most of us would never have guessed. Even the biggest dog lovers in the world are going to find a number of facts on this list that take them by surprise. Since these amazing animals are such a regular part of our existence, there are a wide range of tidbits about them that elude us. In order to learn more about our four legged friends, it is time to read on.


A domestic dog can actually be bred with a wolf. This confirms some of our deepest suspicions.


Dogs often smell like corn chips because of the bacteria that grows on their paws.


Small dogs will actually live longer than their larger counterparts in the majority of instances.


Every dog possesses a third eyelid that is known as the nictitating membrane.


The average dog’s sense of smell is far superior to the sense of smell that a human possesses.


Dogs and humans evolved together during the same time period and this explains their close sense of kinship.


Baboons have been known to kidnap a dog for themselves to keep as a pet.


Dogs are able to sweat through their paws in order to keep cool on hot days.


A dog’s sense of smell is so powerful that they can actually sniff out our feelings.


Dogs dream in the same exact manner that their human counterparts do.


Twelve dogs on board the Titanic when it sank and three of them were actually able to survive.


If a dog has especially bad breath, this could be a sign that they are in need of medical help.


Each dog has a unique nose print in the same way that humans have unique fingerprints.


Turnspit dogs may not exist anymore. Before they went extinct, they were used in 16th century kitchens to turn meat during the cooking process.


A dog has the ability to sense an oncoming storm before it takes place.

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