25 Church Signs That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

We can’t say that we disagree with this sign, although it is a tad too honest for its own good….in our humble opinion, of course!

Don’t you wish it was this easy to make a torrent of rain stop? This sign definitely made us chuckle.

“Hipster Jesus” definitely has something in common with all of our mothers and grandmothers.

This sign might be the most self aware church sign that we have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.

We love this church so much for being bold enough to take direct aim to all of the bigots out there.

Satan needs to stop being such a massive hater and let the love of the Lord into his heart.

While this signs is technically right, these moments definitely feel like heaven to us.

Is this true? If so, we are going to take this opportunity to call dabs on a pterodactyl.

This goes against all of the lessons that we were taught in elementary school, but oh well.

As for this church, they should take a moment to tone down the painfully obvious youth outreach.

We don’t have a clever response to this one. Well played, sirs.

Wal-Mart isn’t the only place where a person can save and be saved and this sign is happy to let you know.

Jesus is probably the least of your worries if you are riding dirty, but we digress.

This is a comparison that we had not thought of, but that does not make it any less true.

We see what this church was able to do here and we respect the wordplay…literally.

Perhaps this church’s prayers are what allowed the Cubs to break their comically long streak without a championship.

This is the type of argument that makes us wonder who is supposed to be the victor.

For those who picture God as a vengeful parent, this sign is definitely up your alley.

God might answer knee mail, but we just hope ours doesn’t end up in the spam folder.

Are you sure about that? We’ve had a few relatively minor indiscretions.

There’s one aspect that both of these books have in common: they’re both long reads.

From henceforth, we promise to never ever ever ever use the Lord’s name in vain again.

This might come as quite a surprise to all of our fathers and grandfathers.

Wow, you can mock us all you like, but let’s leave the wives out of it, okay?

We are hard pressed to think of better advice for a person to aspire to.

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