25 Clever Costumes Ideas For People Who Use Wheelchairs

Being wheelchair bound does not mean that you should be missing out on the Halloween fun. Let’s take a closer look at the following 26 costume ideas that are designed to make Halloween special for those who utilize wheelchair.

1. Just try and look at this picture without humming the old school Batman theme.

2. This little builder has definitely found the perfect costume for their needs.

3. We are hard pressed to think of a more adorable little warrior than this one.

4. Ariel from The Little Mermaid does not have anything on this awesome costume.

5. We’d definitely trust this tiny firefighter to assist us during a pinch.

6. What’s in the cup? Only this crash test dummy knows the truth.

7. This is another costume that is tough to look at without hearing the famous theme song.

8. Do we like this costume? We yabba-dabba-doooo! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.

9. If you are still looking for Dory, not to worry. We have finally found her.

10. This is such an obvious idea in retrospect. Kudos to the costume designer!

11. The DJ in this photo looks ready to keep cranking out the hits all night long.

12. Turning a wheelchair into a pirate ship is one of the most inspired things that we have ever seen.

13. Of all the Star Wars costumes that we have ever seen, this just might be the best one of all.

14. The mad hatter is more than ready to dispense his famous wisdom, if you dare!

15. A shark attack on land? Now we’ve definitely seen it all.

16. Owen’s firesuit costume goes very well with his dragster, if he doesn’t mind us saying so.

17. Cinderella has never had a stagecoach quite like this one before, that’s for sure.

18. The Toy Story toy box is a great Halloween choice. Such an innocent and wholesale deviation from the usual ghosts and goblins.

19. This trick or treater is ready for anything that comes his way. Even a swamp!

20. The NASA curiosity rover may not seem like an obvious choice for a costume, but here we are….at long last.

21. This tiny Viking is ready to forage through the wilderness for candy.

22. What an inventive costume. This is one wrestler we’d love to see in the ring.

23. A Montreal Canadiens fan seems to have found himself inside of the penalty box.

24. Of all the Millennium Falcons that we have seen, this is the most clever model.

25. Thomas the tank engine is receiving a whole new makeover and we are here for it.

26. Anchorman fans will be roaring with laughter at the sight of this news team.

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