25 Genius Cooking Hacks Everyone Will Wish They Knew About Sooner

If life was a movie, the parts where we sit down to a nice meal would go onto our personal sizzle reel. Great food is also a wonderful way to connect with close friends and loved ones. Let’s take a closer look at the following hacks, so that we can make sure that our meals look as nice as these ones.

1. Utilize a frying pan full of water instead of waiting all night long for your big pot to finally reach a boil.

2. To make pasta for one in your own home, simply cover the pasta in water and boil it in the microwave. Be sure to stir every minute or so!

3. Looking for an easy way to test if your pan is ready to start cooking? Just flick a couple of water droplets onto the pan and see if there are any dancing beads.


Instead of going through the trouble of dicing up onions every time you need some, why not take the time to prepare them ahead of time and keep them in the freezer?


Scallions can also be prepared in the same manner and for best results, they should be stored inside of a water bottle.


Poached eggs are often a hassle. To avoid these difficulties, use a little bit of white vinegar to keep the eggs from being too challenging to handle.


Tired of a cutting board that wont stop sliding? Moisten a paper towel and slide it underneath for best results.


Homemade dinners can be hard to come by. In order to save time, store some chicken breasts in a plastic bag full of marinade and freeze them. From there, just defrost and you are ready to rock!

9. Storing your preferred herbs inside of olive oil ice cubes allows you to add flavor to any food you make.

10. Use a moist paper towel to microwave your leftovers. This will have them tasting just as fresh as they did the first time around.


When using stickier substances like molasses and honey, coating the cup with olive oil is a great hack.


To keep eggshells out of your bowl, take a moment to crack them over a different surface instead of the bowl itself.


If a piece does fall in? Wet your finger and watch the shell stick right to your digit.

14. An empty water bottle allows would be chefs to more easily separate their egg yolks and their egg whites.


Peeling garlic can be a major drag. To avoid these difficulties, place the garlic in a bowl and give it a good shake.


Salt and pepper pots will make it easier for chefs to grab sprinkles of the spices while cooking.


Need to soften some butter? Place it inside of a glass and heat it up for one minute.


Want to add veggies to your pasta? Strain the pasta over the frozen veggies and remove a step from the cooking process.


When using your best kitchen knife to chop something up, coat it with a small trace of olive oil to keep it from sticking it.


Place your brown sugar in the fridge if you would like to avoid having it becoming hard.


A marshmallow or a piece of bread will keep your cookies fresh, so place one in your cookie container.


Steaming eggs together gives us the chance to enjoy hard boiled eggs without the hassle.


Microwave your squash to gain easier access to it.


Lay bell peppers down on their stem. By doing so, we are able to follow the rounded edges.


To clean a cast iron skillet, fill the bottom with salty water and boil it to get rid of tough debris.

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