25 Useless Body Parts You Can Actually Live Without

Are you aware of the fact that there are body parts that we do not actually need? For some of us, these body parts might have a certain utility during childhood. Others may never need them at all. Since the human body evolves at a more rapid rate than we can appreciate, we are often left with body parts that are useless. To learn more about the body parts we can live without, be sure to read on.


Arrector pilli muscles may be responsible for providing us with goosebumps but it does not mean that we need them.


Tonsils are susceptible to infections and inflammation. There’s a reason why they are often removed during childhood.


An appendix is not needed either and this is another body part that can be removed during the course of our life.


Wisdom teeth cannot help in the same manner that we are accustomed to because our diets have evolved significantly.


Subclavius muscles are no longer needed because humans have the ability to walk upright.


Darwin’s point refers to the tiny bit of folded skin that is found at top of the ear. It has no real utility.


Preauricular sinus resemble our ancestor’s gills and they are not only useless….they are susceptible to various infections.


Adenoids shrink down during the aging process and when children have them removed, no further issues are experienced.


Gallbladders are removed regularly and no one seems to notice a difference.


Redundancy organs refer to all of the organs that we have to spare.


Palmaris muscles are located in the arm and there is no evidence that suggests they can be used for anything.


Auricular muscles are found in humans and animals. We have no real ability to use them.


Plantaris muscles are located in our feet and nearly 10 percent of people are born without them.


Plica semilunaris refers to the tiny third eye that dwells in the corner of our eyes and does nothing to assist us.


The philtrum is also known as the tiny dent that is found between the nose and upper lip.


Body hair does not have any practical usage no matter what your father or husband may say.


Jacobson’s organ is found within the human olfactory system and there is no known usage for it.


Our fifth toe does not help us during the walking process and we would be just fine without it.


Men have a uterus when they are first conceived and it eventually becomes a useless utricle.


The Pyramidalis Muscle is attached to our pelvic region and two our of every ten people is born without one.


Cervical ribs are not found in all humans and they are essentially just an extra set.


Paranasal sinuses are not the sinuses that we use each day. They become infected during allergy season and that’s about all.


Tailbones stopped being useful to us once we learned how to walk upright.


The female vas deferens does not carry sperm and as such, it has no utility.


The male nipple is not used to feed a baby and so it is unnecessary for all intents and purposes.

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