27 Facts That “This Is Us” Fans May Not Have Been Aware Of

This Is Us is winning over audiences everywhere with its unique brand of emotional storytelling. People can’t get enough of this hear wrenching tale and we cannot blame them. The Pearson family story is truer than life and fans of the show will want to read on to learn more about the following 27 facts that they may not have been aware of.

1. It was called 36

The show was supposed to be called 36 since that was the age of all the siblings when the show began.

2. it was a movie

The show was originally going to be released as a feature film.

3. Jack’s death was known all along

The show creator always knew how Dan was going to die.

4. The trailer broke records

The first trailer of the show received 50 million Facebook views.

5. A first in Emmy nominations

The show’s Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama was the first for a network television show since 2011.

6. Another record goes to Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown became the first African American actor to win Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards for lead actor in a drama.

7. The SAG award was a big deal

The 2018 Screen Actors Guild award that the show received for best ensemble was the first for a network show since 2006.

8. They are nice guys and gals

The SAG Awards provided the cast with a chance to bring their younger counterparts as dates.

9. Fogelman’s real sister was the inspiration for Kate

Kate is based on the show creator’s actual sister.

10. Milo’s role was based on his father

Milo Ventimiglia used his own father as inspiration for his character.

11. The Katowski name has meaning

Dr. Katowski’s name was derived from a real life OB/GYN.

12. Metz has talent

Chrissy Metz sings in real life.

13. Metz was casting Kate

She also worked at the casting agency that cast her younger counterpart.

14. Moore and Ventimiglia know each other for a long time

Mandy Moore and Milo have known each other since they met on the set of A Walk To Remember.

15. Watson has classic training

Kelechi Watson studied Shakespeare during a stint at the University of Oxford.

16. You will recognize Sullivan’s voice

Chris Sullivan was once the voice actor for the Geico Hump Day spots.

17. Watson knows fashion

Watson does not have a runner pick up her wardrobe.

18. Makeup takes foever

The older Rebecca takes over three hours of makeup work to create.

19. Milo will keep the mustache

Milo is planning on retaining Jack’s mustache once the show is finally over.

20. The Chevelle is his own car

Milo also drives his own car on the show.

21. Brown was helping with the script

Sterling K. Brown has contributed several lines to the script.

22. They kept their secrets

The writers came up with a code word to keep the death of Jack a secret.

23. and even more secretes

The fire scenes of season 2 were kept secret and the writers actually lied about what the sets were for.

24. the Hamilton Copnnection

Randall’s father has a daughter who starred in the original run of Hamilton.

25. The work hard

Milo did a whopping 223 push ups for the karate practice scene.

26. Metz was practically bankrupt

When Metz first got the role of Kate, she had 81 cents to her name.

27. They are like a family

The cast keeps in touch with a group message chat when they are not shooting.

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