3-Month-Old Puppy Abandoned At High-Kill Shelter, Cries As Family Leaves Her To Die

Animals may be considered as a lower life form by the skeptics out there. This does not mean that they are any less worthy of love than their human counterparts. They need lots and lots of love in order to survive and plentiful amounts of food and water. The dog in this story thought that they had found the perfect family to provide them with the perfect life.

It all turned out to be a sham once the family decided that they did not want the animal anymore. Instead of doing what was right and finding another home for the pup, they were content to dump Sidney off at a shelter where she would likely be killed. The three month old dog went from having an awesome forever home to facing certain death in seemingly no time at all.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is that the family had no real reason to abandon the dog like this. Since they did not want her anymore, they decided to make her someone else’s responsibility. These are the types of stories that make our blood boil. They made no attempt at finding Sidney a different home and were content to let a kill shelter do their dirty work.

The sweet pup is as kind as can be. No one seems to know why she would get dumped off like this. Sadly, stories like this one are the norm that we are forced to live this. Over 6 million animals are given away in this manner every year. While almost half of these animals are eventually adopted into a forever home, these numbers are simply too high to be tolerated.

If you do not feel as if you are going to be willing to handle the responsibility associated with owning a pet over the long haul then guess what? There is no one who is asking you to purchase one. Those who would like to make a difference by adopting sweet little Sidney are urged to contact the good people at Los Angeles Animal Control.

The Carson Shelter in Gardena can also be contacted. Please be sure to share this story to raise awareness about the plight that this dog is facing. By giving this animal a much needed forever home, you are not only saving her life….you are also providing her with a well deserved second chance. Don’t hesitate to pass this story along as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Sidney was adopted and found a home!

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