3 Things You Learn After Your Mother Dies

Death is an aspect of life that none of us will ever be able to escape from. Knowing this does not make it any easier to put our parents to rest. While many people do not fear death itself, there is an understandable fear of the unknown that causes some to become panicked. Losing a mother can lead some of us to experience a major bout of depression.

One writer decided to impart the lessons that they had learned from their own mother’s passing. Even though she lost her mother at a young age and is now in her thirties, she is still dealing with this tragic loss. The most important lesson that she has to impart is that the grieving process is not linear. We are never going to have a peak grieving moment and our pain never goes away entirely.

It is a daily process that we must all do our best to navigate. Everyone grieves in a different manner and this is something that we all need to remember. The writer who shared her story also spoke out about the fact that the sadness dissipated in the years following her mother’s death, only to return once she reached her twenties.

The second lesson that she learned along the way was that there are no replacements to be found. She knows that she will never meet anyone like her mother. That’s why she prioritizes certain qualities during her interactions. Her mother’s sense of humor, radiance and inner strength are traits that she has come to recognized in the other people that she meets.

The final lesson that she took away from the experience was that there were no shortage of people who are always there for her. It may not seem like we are surrounded by love at a moment like this one. Our extended family members and closest friends would say otherwise, though. This writer honors her mother’s memory every day by spreading the love in her heart as far and as wide as she can.

Follow her lead and share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate these lessons and they will come in handy whether our mothers are still alive and well or they have passed onto a batter place. Be sure to pass this story along on all of your favorite social media hubs.

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