30 Mind-Bending Photos That Seem Fake But Are Actually Real

Have you ever taken a look at a picture and wondered if it was real or not? We live in a time in which people can easily manipulate pictures with Photoshop and sometimes, you have to wonder if there was a little bit of computer genius working in the background. In reality, there are also many amazing things around the earth and we might not have seen the majority of them.

These pictures do look unusual but they are completely untouched with Photoshop or any other photo editing program. They are just a part of the world around us and when you see them, you may not believe them. The fact that they are true, however, is evidence of the magnificence of our earth and the fact that it is our perfect home.

This Is an Australian Dust Storm

A Chinese Lake filled with algae

You wouldn’t want to be in this 200-foot deep sinkhole in Guatemala City.

These trees have been pruned so perfectly they look fake

It looks like a globe but it is actually flat.

See the tiny guy on the left? No, they aren’t giant people.

This woman wanted to look like a human Barbie. Mission accomplished.

The boat is in the water but it is crystal clear

She is wearing a black and white costume

Somebody got creative at a Melbourne carpark

A tornado and a rainbow in the same shot.

Almost 400 bent pine trees are found in this forest in Poland.

Fire destroyed this pole in Russia

A fake wolf made entirely out of pipe cleaners

It looks like a monster but it is seaweed

This red coloring occurred because of a toxic spill in 2010

What a fantastic optical illusion

They were straight until an earthquake.

It looks like a ship but it is a resort

These rocks formed naturally in Alesund, Norway

A rainbow makes this waterfall look like it is on fire

It is a real building

These salt flats in Bolivia look like water

Half is painted, the other half blank

A UFO cloud

Playing tennis on a water court

These books were assembled to look like a cascade

A road crossing the Gibraltar Airport

The runway at Leipzig Airport

Made to look like paper falling from the sky

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