35,000 Pounds Of Ground Beef From Popular grocery Store Recalled For Containing Bits Of Plastic

Planning a big cookout this Memorial Day?  Have you recently been shopping at Kroger Store’s and bought your ground beef to make hamburgers?  You need to stop and read this!  The distributor is recalling over 35,000 pounds of meat due to potential plastic contamination.

Unfortunately it’s not just one specific packaging of the beef that is potentially contaminated, it’s twelve different products that are being recalled.  The list contains Ground Beef, Private Selection Angus Beef, Ground Sirloin and All Natural Laura’s Lean Beef.

IBS USA is the food processor and distributor responsible for delivering the meat to the Kroger stores.  They stated that the hard plastic might have found their way into the meat when it was being processed in a North Carolina processing facility.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture made the announcement.

After one customer found an extremely hard piece of blue plastic in their meat the Kroger Store was not going to take any chances are recalled all the ground beef products that were produced that day.

Apparently, March 22 was the date of contamination. The recalled products have an expiration/sell-by date of April 9th, 2018 carrying the USDA number EST. 34176.  Unfortunately, the news about the contaminations has reached us quite late.  We are still hoping that the recall will still have an effect considering people may have stored the beef in their freezer for later use.

Now hard plastic doesn’t seem to be all that dangerous, no medical reports have been filed regarding the contamination. However, if you purchased any of the beef they are recommending that you throw it away or return it for a refund.  This recall has been labeled “Class 2” meaning that health hazards are unlikely but still possible.

Cities that are effected by the contaminated meat are North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and some parts of West Virginia.  In stores including: Krogers, Food 4 Less and Jay C.


Kroger stores spokesperson said: “None of the possibly contaminated meat is for sale in their stores today. We encourage customers to check their freezers for the potentially affected products and not to consume them but throw them away or return them to their place of purchase for a full refund,” representative Kristal Howard 

Here’s the full list of affected ground beef packages, courtesy of the USDA:

  • 3-lb. tray packages Kroger GROUND BEEF 73% LEAN – 27% FAT with product code 95051, UPC: 011110975645
  • 1-lb. tray packages Kroger GROUND BEEF 80% LEAN – 20% FAT with product code 95052, UPC: 011110969729
  • 3-lb. tray packages Kroger GROUND BEEF 80% LEAN – 20% FAT with product code 95053, UPC of 011110969705
  •  PRIVATE SELECTION ANGUS BEEF 80% LEAN – 20% FAT GROUND CHUCK 1-lb. tray packages with product code 95054, UPC: 011110971395
  • 1-lb. tray packages Kroger GROUND BEEF 85% LEAN – 15% FAT with product code 95055, UPC: 011110969682
  •  Kroger GROUND SIRLOIN 90% LEAN – 10% FAT GROUND BEEF1-lb. tray packages and product code 95056, UPC: 011110975638
  • 1-lb. tray packages ALL NATURAL LAURA’S LEAN BEEF 92% LEAN 8% FAT GROUND BEEF with product code 95057, UPC: 612669316714
  •  ALL NATURAL LAURA’S LEAN BEEF 96% LEAN 4% FAT GROUND BEEF 1-lb. tray packages with product code 95058, UPC: 612669317063
  • 1-lb. tray packages PRIVATE SELECTION ANGUS BEEF 90% LEAN – 10% FAT GROUND SIRLOIN with product code 95063, UPC: 011110969637
  •  Kroger GROUND BEEF 93% LEAN – 7% FAT1-lb. tray packages with product code 95064, UPC: 01111096920
  • 15-lb. cases JBS Ground Beef Angus Chuck 80% Lean 20% Fat Service Case with Case UPC: 0040404800632
  • 15-lb. cases Ground Beef Angus Sirloin 90% Lean 10% Fat Service Case Case UPC: 0040404800634

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