5,000 Dogs That Served Our Country In The Vietnam War Have Finally Been Given A Memorial

The Vietnam War represents a chapter in our nation’s history that some might prefer to forget. After all, a number of brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. On the other hand, there are many who recognize the importance of remembering these heroes. While these veterans tend to receive their just dues, we do not always stop to think about the dogs who also paid the ultimate price.

There are hundreds of dogs who were sent overseas to fight in this war and many of them did not make it home. Mike Vorhees is the man who was responsible for handling these dogs and he knows just how hard these animals fought alongside of their human counterparts during this war. Once he returned from the battlefront, he decided to become a chaplain.

He knew that he would need to acknowledge the sacrifice that had been made by these animals. In fact, he decided that he would create a war memorial on their behalf. Mike explained this decision in a manner that few would expect. He says that he needed to create this war memorial for these dogs to honor the fact that Satan had already saved his life on numerous occasions.

This is not a distinction that very many chaplains are able to make. Not to worry, though. Mike is not actually referring to the devil himself. The name of the dog who saved his life while he was at war is Satan. The Highground Veterans Memorial readily agreed to his idea and he was glad that they did. He is overwhelmed with gratitude for the choice that was made.

Michael Martino is a sculptor from Wisconsin and he was hand picked to create the memorial. A veteran committee submitted some models and sketches to guide the project along. The design was based on the close bond that soldiers and their dogs share while they are out on the battlefield. Satan is now going to be laid to rest at this memorial and Mike is happy to have played a role in this decision.

This monument is the perfect way to pay homage to these dogs that have sacrificed so much and we are glad to see that their efforts are being recognized. Please take a moment to share this touching tale with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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