63-Year-Old Mom With Her 41, 40 & 36-Year-Old Daughters Share The Secret To Their Younger Looks

Lure is a woman who hails from Taiwan and she is well known in the Instagram world. Her account has accrued hundreds of thousands of followers and for very good reason. Now that she has shared a photo of herself with her mother and her sisters, these numbers are slated to rise. The photo went viral directly after it was posted and it is time to find out more about why the Internet is losing their minds.

Lure herself is 41 years old and she does not look anywhere close to her age. Her younger sisters Sharon and FayFay are 36 and 40, respectively. Her mother is 63 and she looks as if she is even younger than them! If we saw these four women out and about together, there is no chance that we would ever think that this was a mother and her three daughters.

In fact, this looks more like an outing with four sisters than anything else. Now we understand how this picture ended up going viral so quickly. No one could actually believe it until they saw it for themselves. These women look like they are on the way to some sort of sorority party and we cannot fathom the fact that this mother is 63 freaking years old.

Since they have become Taiwanese social media sensations, the family has received an interesting nickname. They are now referred to as the ‘frozen ages family’ and even FayFay (who has an 8 year old and 10 year old of her own) is not immune to the commentary. She says that strangers regularly assume that she and her daughters are actually sisters!

Their secret is a simple one. The family drinks plenty of water and they watch their diet closely. FayFay has a morning routine that she sticks to and she makes sure to get plenty of rest. The father of the family is said to look just as youthful but we will have to take their word for it since he does not like to pose for photographs!

This is one story that definitely needs to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. Sharon is currently working as a model in her native Taiwan and has become a well known celebrity over the years. If this story is any indication, it will be no time at all before the rest of her family is able to join the ranks of the professionally beautiful people.

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