7 Signs That Your Child Will Become A Psychopath

Many parents will joke about the prospect of raising a potential psychopath. Unfortunately, there are also a number of parents who will neglect certain warning signs about such matters. Children who have the potential to become psychopaths have ways of letting us know. Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly neglected warning signs.

1. Cruelty toward Animals

Children who are cruel to animals may often grow up to become psychopathic. For example, say that the child has been warned about behaviors that are harmful to an animal and they continue to persist? This is a warning sign that we should not be ignoring as parents. Make sure these instances are not followed up with actual physical abuse.

2. Fire Starter

Does the child show an unnatural love for arson? If they are someone who seems to be far too fascinated by fire for your liking, don’t chalk it up to youthfulness. A love of fire is often a way for the child to express their defiance.

3. Enuresis

Bed wetting can be a sign that the child may grow up to be a psychopath. It is the parent’s reaction that determines how they will handle these accidents. Parents who beat and scold their children for wetting the bed are adding fuel to a fire that does not need to burn.

4. Rule Breaker

If a child seems to get a great deal of enjoyment out of breaking rules, this is something to keep an eye on. Most children will have at least some sense of remorse when they are caught doing something wrong. A psychopath actually gets a thrill out of it.

5. Liar

When children have the ability to lie without feeling remorse, this is a sign that parents should certainly take heed of. Sometimes, children lie because they are afraid of getting into trouble. A child who lies for the sake of lying is a potential psychopath in the making.

6. Bully

Bullies come in a number of forms. Some misguided children may start off as bullies before changing their ways. On the other hand, a child who bullies for the mere sake of doing so (and takes a disproportionate amount of joy from it) is a child that we need to be paying closer attention to.

7. Insensitiv

Children who are at risk of growing up to become psychopaths do not process fear or stress. They do not have a strong sense of compassion and they do not feel empathy. Parents must watch out for these sorts of signs.

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