7 Symptoms Of A Commonly Misdiagnosed Autoimmune Disease

A misdiagnosed autoimmune disease is not the type of problem that anyone should ever be forced to deal with if they do not have to. This is what happens when we try to play doctor and Google our own ailments. As a result, we often end up misdiagnosing ourselves. Sjögren’s syndrome is one of the more commonly misdiagnosed autoimmune disorders because of all the symptoms that are often attributed to other ailments.

Dry eyes is chief among these symptoms. When we experience Sjögren’s syndrome, the tear ducts will often become inflamed. This causes them to stop working in the manner that we have become accustomed to. If you are constantly using eye drops and it feels like your eyes are filled with sand, this could be an indication that you are dealing with this autoimmune disorder. Dry mouth is also caused by Sjögren’s syndrome.

The body stops producing enough saliva when we experience this disorder. Cavities and peeling lips are also major warning signs. Pain and fatigue in the joints should be monitored because they are one of the first warning signs that people with Sjögren’s experience. Feeling achy and tired at the wrong times of the day? This could mean that you experiencing the onset of Sjögren’s.

Those who are diagnosed with Sjögren’s are also more susceptible to the outbreak of rashes and other skin conditions. The skin becomes thinner and the sun is what causes these rashes to flare up even further. If sexual intercourse is becoming painful, this can often be a sign of Sjögren’s. Any prolonged vaginal dryness is something that needs to be monitored more closely.

When we are going through a bout with this autoimmune disease, those who have yet to be properly diagnosed may notice that they are experiencing burning or numbness in their extremities. The disease has a strong impact on the blood and this causes anemia to take place. Vitamin B-12 levels will start to dwindle and this is a symptom that we should be paying close attention to before it has a chance to worsen.

Don’t ever leave any of these symptoms unaddressed. If one or more of these symptoms starts to occur, you must take the time to schedule an appointment with your trusted physician as soon as possible. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones. You just might save them from a great deal of pain and suffering in the process.

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