7 Thought-Habits of Highly Self-Confident People

Are self confident people born that way? You might think so by the way  they enter a room, the way they greet people, or how they run a meeting.  They exude a “presence” and create an “energy” and people pay attention to them.  Why?? Because of self confidence.  But if you don’t have it how do you get it?  We have 7 simple habits that are powerful when used in your everyday practices.

1. You won’t feel confident all the time, it’s ok!

A little self doubt keeps you humble.  You may determine you need to learn more, work harder or listen, none of those are bad things.  Listening in fact may prove you are more confident than you think.  Because confident people don’t have to bully themselves into conversations by butting in or controlling they instead listen because they may learn something.

2.Confident People Can Say “No”

This is one of the best habits to learn but saying “no” is tough especially for those who lack confidence.  If you say no will people stop liking you?  Will they be angry, or disappointed.  However, never saying no means others control you and you will never grow. It’s a small word and it is hard to say but the next time someone asks you to help them and you really don’t want to just say NO.  It does get easier.

3. Practice Kind And Realistic Self-Talk

  It’s ok to be down in the dumps or having a bad day.  Being able to realize it and know that tomorrow is another day is another thing.  Confident people expect days like this.  So you need to be able to comfort yourself in a way that is kind, supportive and realistic.   Examples of positive pep talks:

  • “It’s true that you didn’t do as well as you wanted on the talk, but given that you didn’t feel well, you were a hero just to get through it.”
  • “Yes, you feel bad that you didn’t say NO to your friend’s request.  Think of what you could say next time”
  • “You don’t have to be perfect.”
  • “Don’t let it get you down. This too shall pass.”

4. Confident People Ask for Help When They Need It

It may seem odd that confident people would be asking for help but confident people also stay humble remember…form number 1.  We know that we will be learning if we ask for help.

5. Confident People Find Their Happiness Within Themselves.

This is a big one.  I have a friend who always seems to be “fishing” for compliments turns out she has a lack of self confidence and needs constant validation form others to feel good about herself. Boy when she doesn’t get it is a downward spiral.  Confident people can praise themselves.  They find joy in what they accomplish privately (humbly).


6. Know Your Strengths.

Remember times when you received compliments, positive feedback and praise.  Learn the tasks, jobs and skills you enjoy also the ones that you dislike.  When you have these moments in your head play them over and over again.  When you remember these you will ingrain these thoughts in your mind. This makes it easier to recall those feelings of strength and confidence.

7. Remember Your Higher Purpose

Remember you are here for a bigger reason than the everyday tasks that may or may not be going the way you’d like.  What is your higher purpose?  Do you know what it is?  Are you lead to help children or animals.  Do  you feel convicted to make a difference in another country?  Find that purpose and the everyday won’t seem as important.

When you practice these 7 habits you will have the walk and talk and you will feel capable and worthy because you are!


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