7 Winter Hacks To Keep You Warm This Winter

Once the temperatures start to dwindle, it can be tough for us to find ways to stay warm. Let’s take a closer look at the life hacks that are designed to make sure that we avoid the annoyances that the winter chill creates. Be sure to read on and learn more. These hacks should also be passed along to our friends and loved ones immediately.


By taking the time to automate our coffee maker, we are able to hop out of bed and have a hot cup of java right away. This allows us to steer clear of the issues that arise when we have to take time out of our morning routine to make a pot of coffee or purchase a more expensive cup from a popular chain.


Thermostats can be tough to trick and when we are not able to change the settings in the manner that we desire, there are ways for us to beat the system. Placing ice in an area that is near the thermostat (not on top of it!) can serve as a way to push the machine into action.


To warm up the bed before we climb into it, we will need to place an electric blanket under the covers. Turn the electric blanket on low for the best possible results. Read the directions for the blanket and do not use it in a way is going to cause future problems.


Warming up our clothes for the next day can make the morning routine much more palatable for the majority of us. An electric blanket can be placed on top of the clothes. For best results, we should be turning the blanket on as soon as we get out of bed each morning. Avoid all fire risks when using this hack.


When we decide to take a nice, hot shower, this decision can have a number of positive effects on our homes. Don’t drain the water once the shower is complete. By letting the water sit inside of the shower and drain over the course of time, we are allowing the heat and humidity to spread throughout the home.


If the doors in our homes are drafty, these large gaps are able to be filled with the use of pipe insulation. This insulation provides better results than store bought “door blockers”.


A low power hand warmer is typically created with the use of a battery checker. An 1 ohm resistor is used as a means of bridging terminals. The energy within the machine is released in the form of heat and provides us with a modest hand warmer.

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