76-year-Old Grandmother Walks 15 Miles A Day Pushing Her Disabled Grandson To School

The concept of traveling 15 miles per day on foot might seem insane to the average person and rightfully so. In a world where we have no shortage of ways to get around, the idea of traveling this far on the shoe leather express is outlandish. Shi Yuying is not like everyone else, though. Her reason for taking on this task is as selfless as it gets.

Her disabled grandson needs assistance making his way to school and Shi provides the help that he needs in the only way that she knows how. Jiang is nine years old and Shi pushes him all the way to his classes and back each day. That is four return trips! Grandma is the sole caretaker for the boy and that is why she believes that this task is her responsibility.

Shi pledges that she will continue the routine as long as she has the requisite strength in her body. Jiang cannot take himself to school because he suffers from cerebral palsy. His parents have split up and his father works in the city to make enough money to support the family. His mother remarried and is not currently in the picture.

At first, Shi used a bicycle in order to push the boy to and from school. They did not receive a wheelchair to make the task easier until local authorities provided them with one. The school runs have been taking place on a daily basis for the past four years. Weather conditions do not matter to Shi. Rain or shine, she handles the 15 miles worth of trekking with nary a complaint.

Shi says that she is more than happy to handle this task. If she is bothered by the prospect of handling this arduous series of daily journeys, she is not letting on. This takes the concept of grandparents’ selflessness to a whole new level. Jiang may not be able to move around in the same manner as other children but he is still an intelligent young man.

According to Shi, he has a great memory and also shows an aptitude for math. She takes excellent care of the boy. Shi makes sure that that every single of his needs is taken care of. At the present time, she is trying her best to find a school that can provide the proper care for her disabled grandson. We wish her and Jiang all of the best!

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