9 Of The Strangest Things Airport Security Have Ever Found In Passenger’s Bags

Working at an airport, TSA security comes in contact  with thousands of people a day.  Most are carrying ordinary everyday items in their carry ons.  However, some days are more interesting than others.

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic going through security and not knowing why the alarm has gone off.  Despite the fact we know we have nothing to hide we become paranoid.

Some people still believe they can get away with bringing illegal things on a plane.  When security opens the bags they are left speechless to their findings.

You will never believe what some people try to smuggle in their suitcases and you won’t look at luggage the same way again.

A Dog In A Suitcase?

How did this happen? A woman had smuggled her dog through security and was sitting comfortably on the plane.  Just moments before take off, another passenger alerted security that there was a dog onboard.  Both were escorted off the  five-hour flight.

Could It Be A ‘Dead’ Body

Security had to do some investigating as to why this corpse was being transported.  They found the crusty passenger was only a prop from a horror film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Not a rotting corpse as they originally thought.  I’m not sure I would like to be sitting next to that for a 6 hour flight.

Bazooka Shell, WHAT?!

A World War II-era bazooka round was discovered inside a checked bag at Chicago O’Hare Airport.  What?  The main concern was whether or not it was “live” and posed a threat. The passenger placed objects over his carry on in hopes that it wouldn’t be noticed.

Baby Crocodiles Are Harmless…Right?

The authorities received a tip that a  passenger was traveling to Bangkok from Bangladesh with seven freshwater baby crocodiles hidden in his suticase.  The passenger was apprehended and never got to security.

Dried Caterpillars For Snack Time

A 22-year-old man tried to smuggle 207 pounds of dried caterpillars through customs at Gatwick Airport in England. Supposedly, the man said he was going to use them for “food” and “personal consumption” during the flight.

Goat Meat Filled With Cocaine

Yudishtir Maharaj was caught trying to smuggle goat meat stuffed with cocaine at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The stash was carefully wrapped in plastic bags and placed inside the meat.  

Floating Human Eyeballs

 10 human eyeballs were found floating in a glass jar by security at London’s Stansted Airport. Although it was for science and totally valid imagine the look on securities face.  Better yet was it an open container and was it larger than .6 oz.  Did they make him dump it or leave it behind?

Pills… But Not Just Any Pill, Human Flesh Pills

South Korean customs officials discovered thousands of pills filled with human flesh being brought into their country from China. These type capsules are thought by some to enhance stamina, but they actually contain bacteria an other harmful ingredients.

This one happens to be my favorite just because I’ve said it to a few people on several occasions. “Can you pack me in your suitcase?” But this joke went just a little too far…

A Live Human Being

Security discovered an eight-year-old boy inside a suitcase bound for Spain from Morocco. The boy, from Ivory Coast, was being carried by a 19-year-old woman, who was not related to him. Authorities believe that she was paid handsomely by the boy’s father to smuggle him to Spain so that they could be reunited.

Airport security isn’t an easy job but I bet on days when these types of shenanigans happen they have to laugh out loud.

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