9-year-old would giggle for no reason, then doctors notice something startling in his MRI scan


Parents who are reading this story already know that there few things more beautiful than the laughter of a little boy or girl. Justin Cho’s parents know this firsthand and while they typically enjoyed his uncontrollable fits of laughter and thought it was merely part of his personality, they were eventually proven wrong.

Justin was much like any other little boy his age, as he loved to play board games and participate in soccer matches. However, his parents became concerned one day when they came to the realization that Justin laughed a lot more when he was feeling tired.


One day, their worst fears came to fruition, as he ended up having an epileptic seizure. When he was taken to see a team of experts in order to receive a proper diagnosis for his condition, this group of medical professionals had a very startling discovery. The fits of laughter that Justin’s parents had enjoyed so much were epileptic seizures.


He was diagnosed with gelastic epilepsy and a benign tumor was found inside of his brain. These tumors are typically present from birth and while they are sometimes unnoticeable, Justin was not so lucky.


Justin’s head needed to be opened in order to remove the tumor and this was a risky operation indeed. A futuristic procedure was used and the tumor was destroyed with the use of heat. Six months have passed and Justin is no longer having seizures anymore. Best of all, the operation has not dampened his spirits in the slightest and he is still full of the joy and good cheer he was always known for.

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