According To Science, This Is What Humans Will Look Like In 100,000 Years

Since the world first began, animals and humans have evolved overtime in order to adapt to the ever-changing surroundings. Over time, many body parts that we possess have become completely useless – Like the appendix for example.


The main reason humans have evolved is because of the extreme changes in climate. Between 200,000 to 800,000 years ago, Our brains and skulls have almost tripled in size as we became smarter.


There are a lot of scientists that predict that the sun will burn out or other types of climate changes. But with wearable technology becoming more of the “norm”, artist and researcher, Nickolay Lamm, collaborated with a computational geneticist in order to find out what the human face may look like in the future.


His theory states that due to zygotic genome engineering technology, future humans may have the ability to direct what they want to see in future humans. ‘The fate of the human face will be increasingly determined by human tastes,’ he explains.


In 20,000 years, the human brain and skull will continue to grow, causing the forehead to elongate. He also predicts that everyone will be wearing a form of smart contact lenses to navigate the world around them.


Fast forward to 100,000 years and you are going to see some drastic changes. In addition to the larger skull, our eyes may be significantly larger.

He also predicts that our skins pigment will be darker due to the harmful sun rays and our nostrils will be larger.


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