After Having A Heart Attack, An Artist Gave Up Her Desk Job To Start Painting Dizzy Portraits

Any artist will tell you that there’s some degree of coping and healing that comes with the creative territory. Whether it’s used explicitly as a psychological release or as just a way to pass the time, there is something profound about bringing something from your mind’s eye to life on paper or canvas.

And a sense of attachment to the craft can ebb and flow over a lifetime. Sometimes artists get lost in day-to-day life and stop creating new work for years on end. Sometimes creating new pieces is all they can do, so they produce hundreds over the course of a year. The thing is that it’s a skill that never really leaves someone fortunate enough to have it, and whenever you need it, your art is there.

Such was the case for artist Alex Garant after having a heart attack. In her own words, “In 2012 I had a heart attack. Upon waking at the hospital, I knew I needed to focus my life on my art. Few years before I had attended Art school, but my art took second place after the corporate work routine and mundane day to day stuff. This tragedy really pushed me to understand that the only thing truly valuable is the time you have on this planet.”

A skilled painter, Garant is well versed in the tenets of portraiture and realism. After her heart attack, however, she started creating works of art that are at once stunning and totally dizzying.


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Progress…. fourth piece for @beinartgallery duo show in Australia in April 🙂

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By duplicating portraits, she is able to make viewers feel as though their heads are spinning and their eyes are crossed. After often creates an emotional reaction, but work that can evoke a physical response is on another plane.

Still haven’t made a decision about those darn flowers. White or red?

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As Alex explains, “I started creating fully analog portraits with an optical illusion twist, something I had experimented with in Art school but never fully embraced til now. I fully committed to my new trademark and quickly earned the title of ‘queen of double eyes’ from local artists.”

She’s insanely talented, isn’t she? For more of her dizzying work, be sure to follow her on Instagram @alexgarantart!

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