Airline Tries To Deny Mom Boarding Because They Didn’t Believe Her Son Was Actually Her Child

Jordan Peter Martin was born in May 2017 to Lindsay Gottlieb and her fiancé Patrick Martin.  Lindsay coaches the University of California at Berkeley’s women’s basketball team. She states she has taken Jordan on many flights.  A lot with her team of young woman. There were never any issues until now.

Lindsay was checking in for her flight at Denver International Airport in May 2018.  Cradling Jordan in her arms stood in line at the ticket counter.  When it was finally her turn the airline employee flat out asked Lindsay to ‘prove’ she was the mother of her son.  This was after she provided Jordan’s passport.

Just because the little boy had a different last name and he had dark skin.  The ticket agent asked for more documentation of proof that Lindsay was indeed Jordan’s mother, going as far ask asking for his birth certificate!

Not that it matters but Lindsay is white and Jordan’s father is black.  This makes their son biracial.

Gottlieb made a tweet suggesting that she suspected there was racism behind the line of questioning.

“I’m appalled that after approx 50 times flying with my 1 year old son, ticket counter personnel told me I had to ‘prove’ that he was my son, despite having his passport,” she said. “She said because we have different last name. My guess is because he has a different skin color.”

Southwest did apologized to Gottleib and described the incident as a learning opportunity  for the employee.

Southwest made a formal statement:

“We apologize if our interaction made this family uncomfortable — that is never our intention.”

How could this be racism?  Shouldn’t she be glad that they were protecting her son?  How many times a year do you think someone actually tries to steal a baby?  I’m a mom and I am glad to know that if someone looked different then my kid that they would be stopped and asked the same line of questioning.

Why does everything have to be about race?  Obviously the DID look different and they DO have different last names. I can see how it would be embarrassing and inconvenient but not racist.

What are your thoughts?

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