Alzheimer patients take care of stray kittens, brings back their memories from childhood

We all know that no one can ever love us in the same way that our grandparents can. When these shelter kittens were in dire need of some tender loving care, the good people at Catalina Springs Memory Care and Pima Animal Care Center came together to offer them the love and affection that they needed most.


These neonatal kittens need lots of care and unless they are bottle fed every few hours, it is hard for them to grow and remain nourished. However, most shelter volunteers find it difficult to handle this task on their own and when these kittens needed around the clock care, the seniors who reside at Catalina Springs Memory Care were happy to help.


Two of the kittens who were in need of care are now residing with the aforementioned seniors. While the kittens enjoy receiving help from the seniors, their presence also helps them as well. Many of them suffer from Alzheimer’s and memory loss and thanks to the kittens, they can now remember things from their childhood.

These seniors were in need of a reason to smile and these kittens are more than happy to provide it. The connection that has been forged is amazing and readers will need to see it in order to truly believe it.


Seniors are often neglected during their twilight years and forced to live away from their families. That’s why it is so great to see the bond that has been created between these two parties and we hope that they are able to continue to spend time together.

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