Anthony Bourdain’s ex-girlfriend shares powerful and true message about depression

The world is still reeling after the death of celebrity chef, author, and host Anthony Bourdain, and the shock of his tragic suicide has really shocked many people. There was one person that wasn’t overly surprised over the suicide, however, and that was his ex-girlfriend, Paula Froelich. Like thousands of other people, she posted a tribute to this man and honored his memory on Instagram with an amazing post.

Froelich wrote a very simple and elegant message as a way to say goodbye. She wrote: “To a good man, a great friend, a loyal love. That’s all I’m going to say.”

As it turns out, however, it wasn’t the only thing that she had to say. She posted that simple message on Instagram but then shortly after, she went to Twitter and posted a longer thread that dealt with the realities of depression. Not only is it a further tribute to Bourdain, it is something that many people around the world are agreeing with and perhaps even experiencing in their own way.

Froelich talks about depression and how it can get a grip on your brain that is not able to be cured by any friendship or fame.

Although many people take medication for depression, there are still many who struggle with the disease. Medication is not a cure for depression and although it can help, it will not take away the depression altogether.

She also talks about the issue of internalized shame that is associated with bouts of depression.

People on Twitter responded to what she said by giving their own experiences with depression.

It can be difficult to have conversations, but this type of dialogue is crucial when it comes to teaching others about depression. It also helps those who suffer from depression realize they are not alone and that there are treatment options.

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