The Avengers All Got Matching Tattoos And It’s As Epic As You’d Expect

While some viewers might believe that the Avengers are only friends with each other when the camera is rolling, nothing could be further from the truth. Even though Thanos may have tried his best to rip the Avengers apart in the latest installment of the series, their bond has never been closer off screen. They even decided to commemorate their friendship in one of the most adorable ways possible.

Five of the main six Avengers elected to get matching tattoos. Mark Ruffalo is the only one who decided that he was not going to get inked too. Josh Lord is the tattoo artist who provided the crew with their ink and Robert Downey Jr. was sure to share pictures. The design is a more subtle one. The Avengers logo is rendered in minimalist fashion and it is intertwined with a 6.

Spider-Man and Star Lord might be miffed about not being included and our hearts go out to them. The Avengers were not the only ones who decided that they would get a tattoo that day. They came up with a great idea to commemorate the occasion. Each of the actors that was present that day drew their own line on the tattoo artist so that he would have his own memento.

Downey Jr. says that they each had their chance to use the tattoo gun to draw their own lines and that the results were predictably messy. Scarlett is said to have had the best drawing and Downey Jr. says that the tattoo she drew on Lord was “beautiful”. No matter how hard Thanos may try to erase the Avengers, he is not able to erase the friendship that they have forged.

We are glad to see the bond that is shared between these fictional superheroes is shared off screen as well. While there are a number of stars on this level who would not be so willing to share the intimate details of their tattooing sessions with the world, these are not the same stars that many of us are accustomed to.

Please share this story with all of the Avengers fans that you know as soon as possible. They are sure to appreciate the lengths that these stars have gone to in order to show their appreciation for one another. We cannot wait for the next installment of the Marvel series to find out more about their upcoming adventures.


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