Baby Sister Is Sick And Can’t Sleep. Mom’s Footage Of Brother’s “Rescue” Goes Viral

If you’re a mom or dad, then you know that while bringing home a new baby is exciting, it can also be a little difficult if you already have a kiddo. Going from being an only child to having someone else hogging the spotlight for a while can be a jarring experience for older siblings, for sure. I know I had a little trouble when my little siblings came into the world and Mom and Dad had to pay more attention to them for a little while. After all, no one commands attention quite like a newborn!

But one mother’s fears about bringing home her new baby totally subsided when she caught her older son doing something so precious to help out with his new little sister.

Little sis was having a hard time getting to sleep one day. Babies are fussy and she just couldn’t seem to get comfy enough to rest. That’s when her big brother stepped up and performed his brotherly duties by holding her and rocking her gently back and forth.

While older kids and adults do cute things in the hopes that someone will share their kindness on the internet for viral fame, this little guy isn’t old enough to be selfish like that. He just wanted to do what he could to help calm down his beloved sibling!

We’re so thrilled that Mom did end up deciding to film them bonding and share it with the world online! If you adore little kids, prepare for your heart to melt into a puddle in 3, 2, 1….

This baby will always have her big brother's protection ❤️

This baby will always have her big brother's protection ❤️

Posted by Daily Mail on Saturday, January 6, 2018

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